January 27, 2012

ICA has asked the presenters from the November 2011 conference to share their powerpoints.

Below is a list of the workshops offered at the conference and links to the material as supplied by the lead presenter.

Please keep watch on this page for updates as we receive additional powerpoints and handouts.



PRESENTATION DAY Program Title Lead Presenter
SATURDAY 911: We make house calls. Karen Koch, Psy D.
FRIDAY A New Paradigm for Treating Reactive Attachment Disorder Nadia Johnson
SATURDAY A Review and Implications for counseling military personnel and veterans with PTSD Greg Hall
FRIDAY Accelerated Learning: Reaching ALL Students Janice M. Tkaczyk
FRIDAY Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Training:  an exploration of the effectiveness in the areas of mindfulness, psychological flexibility, and job satisfaction amongst leadership staff in a non-profit agency.    Stephanie Behlke
SATURDAY Addicted to Social Media Crack -LinkedIn and Twitter Daniel Stasi
SATURDAY Adventure Based Counseling: A Model for Encouragement Korey
SATURDAY Alzheimers Helping You and Your Loved Ones Heal Catherine Matson
FRIDAY Best Practices in Connecting Faith Communities to Mental Health Resources Robert Skrocki
SATURDAY Beyond C.B.T. and Solution Focus Interventions: Exploring Existential Techniques  Roberto Clemente

Beyond CBT: Getting to the Core of Eating Disorders

handout 2     handout 3

Amy Grabowski
SATURDAY Career Transition: From Student to Professional Counselor Jennifer Krapfl
FRIDAY Child-Senior Relationship Therapy: From passionate idea to applicable possibilities in school settings  Dr. Angela Yoder
SATURDAY Compassion Fatigue:  Building Tools for Self-Care in Stressful TImes Kristin McCabe
SATURDAY Constructivist Counselor Education: Beyond the Banking Model Scott A. Wickman
THURSDAY Counseling Couples: The Essential Tools IACFC
FRIDAY Counseling Grieving Elementary Age Children: Strategies for the Counselors Tool Box Sarah Fortier
SATURDAY Counseling Training Labs: Current Trends of Operation and Management Justin Lauka
SATURDAY Counselor Self-Care and Difficult Clients Yonah Klem
SATURDAY Countertransference of Female Counselors and Self-care Eunha Kim
SATURDAY Creating a Ritual for Change: A Collaboration with Empathy and Compassion Jessica Young 
SATURDAY Demystifying Anxiety Disorders: Help Clients Overcome The Anxiety Trick David Carbonell
FRIDAY Exploring the Intersection of Career & Mental Health Counseling Donna Sandberg
FRIDAY Exploring the use of Miniatures in the WDEP Process of Reality Therapy Patricia A. Robey
FRIDAY From the East to the Midwest: Adapting Family Talk a Depression Preventitive Intervention Patricia Smith-Huntoon, LCPC
FRIDAY Games Played: A Possible Predictor of Career Paths and Passions? Mark Silveira
SATURDAY GET UP AND GO!  Utilizing running as a therapeutic tool Laurie Siegel
SATURDAY Getting their attention:  Motivating disengaged students Cathleen Barrett
FRIDAY Helping Open Peoples Eyes-Project H.O.P.E. Ray Piagentini
SATURDAY HIV/AIDS: What Counselors Should Know Susan Harrison-Hicks
SATURDAY How does the entrepreneurial mindset inform counselor leadership?: An experiential  exploration. Francesca Giordano
SATURDAY Hustler: Black Males Making the Best Out of a Bad Situation Nathan Howell
SATURDAY Implicit Prejudice Attitudes of Counseling Students Christina Jackson-Bailey
FRIDAY Integration of the Self:  Ego State Therapy in the Tx of Trauma. Carrie Ann Cherep
SATURDAY Keys to Counseling in Non-Profits: Diversity of Experience and Flexibility Joseph Campbell
SATURDAY Listening From the Neck Down Mary Ann Daly
SATURDAY Listening to the Body: The Integration of Yogic Principles in Psychotherapy Connie Sheehan
FRIDAY Medically Informed Treatment as a Bridge to Mental Health Counseling Mollie A. Schmelzer
SATURDAY Meditation and Self-Care Ryan Hancock
SATURDAY Mental Health and Fitness Stacey Matson
FRIDAY Mindfulness Meditation: An Overview and Implications for Clinical Work Melissa Fickling, MA, LPC
SATURDAY Multicultrual Counseling: How to Recognize and Interpret Cultural Motifs in Personal Narratives   Eric Dutt
THURSDAY Music, Mindfulness & Mandalas:  Sparking Clients to Creativity in Self-Care ICA
THURSDAY Neurotherapy and Neurofeedback: When Counseling and Medication are not Sufficient ICES
SATURDAY One Memory at a Time: Walking Through Trauma to the Other Side Cynthia Yesko
FRIDAY Passionately helping counselors- in- training overcome emotional and cognitive challenges: A key step for multicultural awareness and competence Martha Singleton
FRIDAY Physician Heal Thy Self Carlee E. Doggan
SATURDAY Private Practice; Questions and Answers Bob Walsh
FRIDAY Psychiatric Medication for Children and Adolescents Michael Feld, MD
SATURDAY Psychopharmacology for Counselors Jean Tschampa
SATURDAY Psychopharmacology Update For the Mental Health Counselor Elaine Tompary
SATURDAY Racism-Related Stressors and Ethnic Identity as Determinants of African American College Career Aspirations Darrick Tovar-Murray

Retirement, what on Earth are you thinking?

handout 2

Patricia Fuller
SATURDAY Sex...What's Counseling Have To Do With It? Shannon Dermer
SATURDAY Sexual Assault, Rape and Re-victimization in College Womenn  Georgette Le Page
FRIDAY SoulCollage« Discover your wisdom, change your world Lindsey Halpern-Givens
SATURDAY Spirituality and Counselor Education: Connecting the Dots Gary Koch
SATURDAY Strategies and Implications for decreasing counseling students anxiety and increasing self-efficacy  Shedeh Tavakoli
SATURDAY Supervising School Counselors in Internship: Tips for Best Practices  Toni R. Tollerud
SATURDAY Take a Deep Breath and Relax: High Stakes and Test Anxiety Heidi Larson 
FRIDAY Teaching the ACA Advocacy Competencies Maricruz Ramos
SATURDAY Teen Talk - SAIG Group Sherri McLaughlin
FRIDAY The Counselor's Role in Advocating for Immigrant Students James Ruby
FRIDAY The Essence of Tradition and Wellness: Martial Arts as a Counseling Intervention  Michele Kerulis
SATURDAY The History of Chicagos West Side African American Community: Clinical Implications Linda Robinson
SATURDAY The Power of Personal Story Telling in Enriching Counselor Education  Charles E. Myers
FRIDAY The Two Metaphors of Counseling--How We Expression Our Passions Ray McKinnis
FRIDAY There's More to Life than Ego Carol Pranger
FRIDAY Traumatized children- the Reactive Attachment Child, their families  and interventions  Sheryl Palinski
SATURDAY Using Existential Group Counseling with Adolescents Exhibiting Pre-Borderline Symptomology Alison Phillips
FRIDAY What Actually Counts for an Effective Counselor: A Preliminary Examination of Dispositions and Values of Counselors Michael C. Smith
SATURDAY What's your Client's Money Personality? Wallace Larson
SATURDAY When A Loved One Goes to War: Secondary PTSD Among Military Families Nancy Tait

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