Illinois Association for Adult Development and Aging

Division Leadership


  • Chartered in as a division of ICA in 1995
  • Membership as of Feb 15, 2010 is 67
  • State Branch of the American Association for Adult Development and Aging
  • to provide leadership and information to
    • counselors,
    • service providers in the helping professions,
    • family members,
    • legislators, and
    • other community service agencies and persons on matters related to the development and needs of adults across the life span.

IAADA serves as the focal point within ICA for

  • information sharing,
  • dissemination,
  • service,
  • professional development and advocacy
  • related to adult development and aging.

It provided a forum for discussion of ethical, social and technical issues.

IAADA seeks to improve the standards of professional service to adults across the life span

  • by improving the competence and skills of ICA employees;
  • by expanding professional work opportunities in adult development and aging;
  • by promoting the lifelong development and well-being of adults; and
  • by promoting the development of guidelines for professional preparation and service for counselors of adults across the lifespan.


  • $12.00 for a Professional Member
  • $6.00 for a Student, Retired or Library Member

Membership in the Illinois Counseling Association is required for membership in any of the divisions.

IAADA President:

Pam Arnold

IAADA Past  President:

Larry Rawlins

Phone: 1.877.284.1521 • Fax: 815-787-8787 • • PO Box 367,  DeKalb, IL 60115