Press Release, 11-25-2012


  The Illinois Counseling Association Foundation has received a million   dollars from the trust of Merlin Schultz (1916-2012). His previous  donations, totaling $104,000, were the largest among all individual  donations.  Because of his commitment to the Illinois Counseling  Association (ICA) and the good work of counselors, Mr. Schultz  bequeathed to ICA Foundation a substantial portion of his estate.

  Along with the ICA Foundation Board of Directors, ICA members deeply  appreciate Merlin Schultz’s legacy of generosity and forward thinking  for the future of counseling in Illinois.  His goal was to strengthen  ICA as a professional organization and help ICA members enhance the  counseling needed by the citizens of Illinois.

  ICA members, including graduate students in university counseling  programs, ICA divisions and chapters, professors, active counselors,  and counseling organizations are eligible to apply to ICA Foundation  for grants to help with research and professional development in the  field of counseling.  The ICA Foundation currently offers two awards  each year--the Merlin W. Schultz Professional Development Grant and  the Melanie E. Rawlins Research Grant.  New in 2013 is the Social Emphasis Grant through which the Foundation will give priority to funding projects in three areas:  Veterans of the Iraq and  Afghanistan wars and their families, children and adolescents at risk,  and the underemployed and unemployed and their families.

  The ICA Foundation is tax-exempted and non-profit. Funds are solicited  to provide financial support and assistance to promote diversity,  education, research, science, ethics, the improvement of the human  condition, and the advancement of the   counseling profession in Illinois.

  Contact information and grant applications can be found below or on the ICA  website ( under "ICA Foundation,"or the  Foundation can be contacted  directly via email: Members of the ICA Foundation Board of  Directors are:  Dr. Dale Septeowski, President (Schaumburg); Dr.  Stephany Joy-Newman, Vice President (Macomb); Dr. Melanie Rawlins,  Treasurer and Agent of Record (Macomb); LaCleta Hall, M.S., Secretary  (Springfield); Dr. Robert Nejedlo, Ex-officio Director (DeKalb); Dr.  Michael Illovsky, Director (Macomb); and Earl Bracey, J.D., Director  (Macomb).

Celebrating Our Heritage

The Illinois Counseling Association Foundation is an opportunity for those in the profession who want to give back  and help secure a legacy as well as opportunity for others.  The history of any organization is important, and for 60 years, counselors in Illinois have worked to build a strong association to represent counseling.  The Foundation is a valuable source of assistance for those who are following after them.  ICAF received 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in January 2005 and has been awarding grants since 2007.

Visioning our Future

Professional Counselors today are called upon to meet a diverse and ever changing society composed of growing pressures and constant challenges.  More complex liability issues, legal issues, licensure laws and ethical concerns increase expectations for the professional.  The Foundation stands ready to help give vision to the future of our profession in Illinois by supporting all professional counselors in as many ways as possible, such as scholarships, mini-grants, research swards, etc.  But this vision can only be accomplished with your help.



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