2017 Fall Workshop Handouts
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  Adam  Carter: Using Expressive Arts Techniques When Counseling Children and Adolescents Who Have Experienced Trauma

Adam Carter: Play Therapy Based Group Counseling for Grieving Preschool Children

Alison Moran: Counseling Clients Struggling with Infertility

Allyson Adams :Youth Voice on Mental Health; How Professionals and Educators Can Better Support our Youth

  Antoinette M Schrader: Real Connections-Building Rapport with African American and Latino Students in Diverse Communities

Ashley Cosentino: Mom Guilt: Social Media Has Created A Monster

Azizi Marshall: Balancing the Performance: The TPI Model of Therapeutic Theatre

Bob Zima: Anger Healing Through Catharsis and Satire

Brittany Rotelli: Barrington SET Program-Real Jobs for Real People

Cal Spinks: "Standing in Your Truth" Lessons Learned from a Black Same Gender Loving Intervention!

Carolyn Khan: Key Interventions for Counseling Domestic Violence Survivors 

Catherine Gruener: Experiential Work with Parents:  Making the Abstract-Active, Inviting Change

Christina Matthews: Energizing the Spirit with Hypnosis and the Five Senses

Darrick Tovar-Murray The Spirit of Hip-Hop: A Creative Model for Working with African American Male Youth

David Barreto: The Choice Point: A Brief Counseling Intervention for College and School Counselors and other Mental Health Professionals in Brief Counseling Settings

Donna Kirkpatrick Pinson: The Critical Mental Health Needs of Older Adults: Creating Counselor Awareness

Elisa M Woodruff: Dissenting Voices: Creative Ways to Fostering a Diverse Spirit in Counselor Education

Elisa M Woodruff: Meet the Other One Percent: Creating Counselor Knowledge, Awareness, and Skills for Work with Asexual Identified Individuals

Frances McClain: Human Sexuality Course: Queer Couple Co-Teaching

Gwendolyn J Sterk: 2017 Changes in Illinois Family Law Effecting Child Support and Parenting Time, including Available Remedies for Children with Special Needs.

Heidi A Truax: Strengths Based-Techniques for Latinx Transgender Youth

Jacqueline J Madison: Paranormal Counseling for Therapists and Other Counseling Professionals

Jalaine Hart: Transgender Students of Color: Safe Spaces or Dangerous Spaces

Janis Clark Johnston: Creative Grieving: A Map to Mindfulness, Dreaming, and Personality Change

Jay Einhorn: Consultation to Refine Therapist's Perception and Skills

Jonathan Simon: Ease in Intervention: Engaging Clients, Changing Lives

Joyce Marter: Collaboration Between Mental Health and School Counselors for Best Practices

Joyce Marter: Handout 2

Judy Skorek: Workplace Bullying: Creating Action Plans for Targets

Kashunda McGriff: Marriage Disparities: A Case for the Single African American Women's Life Cycle Model

Kasia Wereszczynska: The Cost of Caring: Recognizing Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma, and Burnout

Kate Bellingar: Addressing Power and Privilege in the Counselor Training Process

Katherine Wix: Integrating Counselor Competencies: Developing a Creative Approach for Military Populations

Kathy A Miller: No One Gets Out Alive: End-of-Life Conversation, Education, and Planning

Ken Oliver: The Journal of Counseling in Illinois: New directions and practical steps toward publication

Leslie Contos: Survivor! The Gamification of Social Emotional Learning

Lucy Parker: Creative and Crucial Exploration of the Relationship Between Classism and Career Choice

Mark Carich: Contemporary Themes in Assessment and Treatment of Clients who Sexually Offend

Mark Vander Ley: Creatively Counseling the "New Nurturant Father": How Fatherhood and Emotional Intelligence (EI) Converge in the Counseling Relationship

Matthew Glowiak: Emphasizing the Bio in The Biopsychosocial: Important Considerations for Physiology in Counseling

Matthew J Beck: Creative Advocacy for and with LGBT Youth: What School Counselors and Training Programs Can Do

Michael Guglielmo: Men's Relationship Recovery

Mtisunge Kapalamula Grief in a "Trumpian" Era

Nicole Lucy Thompson: When Love Becomes A Disorder: Understanding What Makes Love An Addiction 

Nicole Ping Ticknor: Understanding Intimate Partner Domestic Violence: Education and Intervention For Clients Stuck in the Cycle of Abuse

Norman Dasenbrook: Considering Private Practice or Expanding a Limited Practice?

Patrick B McGrath: Maximizing Results with Anxious Patients Utilizing Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy

Rachel Baker: Raising the Bar: Multicultural Awareness, Proficiency, and Inclusion in the Mental Health Field

Rhonda Sutton: Conceptualizing the Counseling Session:  A Professional Method for Progress Notes

Sandra Kakacek: Experiential Career Decisions Utilizing Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Sara Schwarzbaum: Couples Counseling and PTSD: One Size Does Not Fit All

Serena Wadhwa: Stress Wellness: A Different Conceptualization

Serena Wadhwa: Responding to the Opioid Epidemic: Clinicians' Role on the Inter-professional Team

Shea M Dunham Infidelity: A Practitioner's Guide to Working with Couples in Crisis

Shedeh Tavakoli: Supervision of Trauma Counselors: A Neuroscience-based Approach

Steve Murray: Using Mindfulness in Schools

Susan Savage: Leading Psychoeducational Groups: Dealing with Depression, Honoring Your Inner Voice, and Dream, Dare, Do It

Suzy Wise: Utilizing Tenets of Feminist Theory to Infuse the Spirit of Creativity in Group Supervision

Tamekia Bell: Becoming an LGBTQQIPPA-2S Ally: What Counselors Need to Know

Teresa A Fisher: Innovative Strategies for Addressing the Counseling Needs of International Students

Teresa Fletcher: Creativity and Counseling Children and Adolescents: Strengths-Based Experiential Activities

Teresa Fletcher 2

Timothy "TJ" Schoonover: What kind of cupcake are you? Utilizing creative interventions in a university-based grief counseling group.

Toni R Tollerud: Legislative Update for Professional Counselors in Illinois

Tony Victor: Empowering Conflicted Couples to Co-Create Their Ideal Relationship Though Couples Counseling

Tsui-yee Chow: Exploring and Utilizing Diversity Factors to Embrace Supervision Effectiveness between Culturally Different Supervisor and Supervisee Dyads.