2019 Conference Handouts
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  2019 ICA Conference Workshop Handouts


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 Pre-Conference: Handout 1    Handout 2   Handout 3    Handout 4  Leslie Anderson

After 40 Years in Therapy What Have I Learned? Why We Do What We Do & What To Do About It!

Norm Dasenbrook

Allyship: What Does it REALLY Mean to Be an Ally?

Tamekia Bell

Assessing, Treating, and Preventing Suicide as Professional Counselors and Counselor Educators  Handout 1     Handout 2     Handout 3
Handout 4     Handout 5     Handout 6     Handout 7     Handout 8
Handout 9     Handout 10   Handout 11   Handout 12   Handout 13

Gideon Litherland

Beneath the Surface: Exploring Psychosocial and an Exploration of Addressing Non-Dominant Subcultures

Andre Joachim

Beyond Words: Movement as an Intervention in Therapy

Erica Hornthal

Coping Skills for Youth in Our Chaotic and Dysfunctional World

Ellen Sotoloff

Counselor Competencies in Working with LGBTQ+ Clients

Laura Piccolo

Counselors-in-Training Learning from Each Other: Student Sponsored Multicultural Workshops

Teresa A. Fisher

Couples Counseling: The Essential Models and Techniques
Handout 1     Handout 2    Handout 3   Handout 4   Handout 5   Handout 6

Sara Schwarzbaum

Creativity in Counseling: How to Use the Arts in Your Practice

Azizi Marshall

Dealing with Confidential Loss: The Private Grief of Counselors

Valencia Wiggins

De-Escalating Children/Adolescents in Group Counseling/School Settings

Kimberly Duris

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in the Treatment of Mood Disorders in Adults and Children Handout

Stephanie Pruefer

Ethics - Understanding Participation and Avoiding the Psychologist's Role in our Courts: Family Law, Guardianship, Personal Injury Cases and More

Jonathan Nye

Externalizing Client Suffering through Imagery and Abstraction

Jennifer Bonino

Growth Fostering Relationships in Group Supervision

Ann Friesema

Hope for Change in Mandated and Resistant Clients Handout

Reylla Santos

How a Feminist Worldview Impacts College Students' Self-Efficacy and Career Aspirations

Miranda Parries

Identifying Destructive Dances: An Introduction to Stage 1 of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples  Handout

A. Maren Whipple

Issues of Counseling Clients Whose Spirituality is Expressed through Religion

C. Nolan Thomas

Less Talk, More Drawing - Creative Gestalt Approaches to Address Child Anxiety & Depression  Handout

Theo Stripling

Let's Talk About Race: Creating Therapeutic Space Around Racial Experiences Handout

LaSaundra Gordon

Looking at Trauma with an IFS Lens

Handout 1          Handout 2         Handout 3

Amy Y Grabowski

Medical Cannabis and Mental Health

Anne Shragal

No One is Illegal in Counseling

Anna Kovaleva

Preparing Counselors to Advocate for Career Development Needs of African American Male Students: Recommendations for the Profession

Carla B. Cheatham

Retirement or Rewirement? Shared Transitions Across Life Uncover Inner "Wiring"  Handout 1

Janis Clark Johnston

School Counselors' Support of Students Experiencing Homelessness

Ami Camp

Self Hypnosis Techniques to StrengthenTop Down Thinking

Christina Matthews

Spiritual and Religious Values Toolkit for the Counseling Professional

Tim Olsen

Spirituality in Grief Therapy: Beyond the Basics to Enhance Treatment

Handout1      Handout 2    Handout 3

Barb Jarvis Pauls

Stories We Carry: Exploring the Impact of Trauma Work on the Clinician


Mary Krueger

The Body in Therapy: A Somatic Approach to Emotional Regulation

Francine Kelley

The Dynamics of Self-Motivation in Moving Clients' Toward Change

Linda M. Sutton

The Pedagogy of Clinical Supervision

Kimberly Duris

The Powerful Dynamic of Shared Experiences in Counseling Military Populations

Katherine Atkins

The Sexual Values and Behaviors Discrepancy Model: Practical Implications and Case Examples  Handout

Zachary D. Bloom

The Sisterella Complex: A Closer Look at Depression in Degree Seeking African American Women

Kristina Wilkerson

Thriving or Surviving: The Importance of Meeting our Clients Non-Cognitive Needs so They can Find their Sense of Meaning and Purpose

Clewiston Challenger

Understanding the Effect Witnessing Violence Has on an Adolescent's Mental Health

Latasha Wright

Using Mindfulness Skills to Reduce Anxiety with Adolescents

Steve Murray

Working with Clients Experiencing Intimate Partner Domestic Violence: Education, Screening, and Intervention Strategies for Clinicians

Nicole Ticknor

Creative Meditation and Mindset Strategies for Anxiety and Stress Reduction     Handout
 Linda Slabon

 Round Table Presentations:

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Lead Presenter:

Can This Marriage Survive Retirement?

Sally Strosahl

Death of a Client: Using Collage Art in Supervision for Grieving Counselors

Paige S. Spangler

Effective Communication with Traumatized Individuals: Clinical and Supervision Strategies to Utilize with Individuals, Couples, and Families  Handout

John Lynch

Moving from Multicultural Counseling Competency to Cultural Humility: A Unifying Approach in Education and Supervision
Handout 1     Handout 2

Kellee Watkins

Multicultural Counseling 102: Back to Basics  Handout

Zachary D. Bloom

Open Adoption 101: What about the Birthmother?

Joan VanderSchaaf,

Politicized Healing Following the Death of a Family Member

Nathaniel Gilham

Shared Assumptions: Addressing Sexual Normativity in Clinical Settings

Elisa M Woodruff

Surviving Their Pain: Managing Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Traumatization  Handout

Lindsay Bicknell-Hentges

The Counselor Paradox: We Have a lot More in Common Than You Think

Serena Wadhwa

The Dynamic of Shared Experiences Among Counselors-in-Training Who Participated in Study Abroad Trips  Handout

Katherine Atkins

The Significance of Social Support among Black Mental Health Counselors: The Role of Counselor Educators and Supervisors in Combating Race-related Stress

La Toya L Patterson

To Share or Not to Share? The Art of Self Disclosure Handout

Deb Majewski

Using Somatic Awareness to Stay Connected to Yourself and Your Clients

Steve Thorpe

Working with LGBTQI+: Understanding the Basics in Affirmative Counseling

Sandra Gavin