2019 Keynote Speakers
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 ICA's 71st Annual Conference

The Dynamic of Shared Experiences In and Around Professional Counseling

Friday Keynote: Dr. Clewiston D. Challenger
"Bringing the Light Back In: Connecting Personal Development to Effective Client Care"

In this keynote session, the important role counselor connections play in your advanced practitioner efficacy is addressed. Focusing on skills for building collaborative relationships with other professionals and sharing experiences can help us in shouldering the load of our vast counseling practices. This session is designed to awaken and challenge you to work from the inside, out; to start with personal development through taking care of the person of the professional, then working outward to bridge professional gaps in addressing dynamic client needs. As you build a core of resilience and practicing with care, comfort, connection, you will be encouraged to “bring the light back in” and re-lighting the internal flame that drives our passion for the profession.

Saturday Keynote:  Dr. Leslie Anderson
"Our Grandmothers are With Us: Working with our Shared Experience of Trauma, History and Hope"

This keynote will touch on the literal and metaphorical image of “grandmother”—including our inheritance from our ancestors who have shaped our world and our perceptions of it.  The talk will draw from Laura Liswood’s point that we have inherited both wisdom and myths—quirky notions about the world and how it works (conscious and unconscious bias alike), as well as deep wisdom that can lead to healing and hope. It makes sense to both explore and honor those messages of strength and resilience while sorting through and dismantling those messages that perpetuate exclusivity and divisiveness. Also drawing from Resmaa Manakem’s work “My Grandmother’s Hands”, the keynote will touch on our inheritance of trauma in our shared racialized and gendered history; and our imperative to acknowledge and settle the epigenetically transferred shared memories. Utilizing these bases of recognition and healing, we can move toward hope--our potential as helping professionals in a weary world.