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To nominate an individual for an office please complete the following form.

Nominations will be accepted through March 31, 2020.

All nominees must be members in good standing in ICA. Nominees must be willing to fulfill the obligations of the office for which they are nominated and be a resident of Illinois, or work in Illinois.

Nominations for ICA President Elect-Elect must be a member of ACA.

Nominations for ICA President Elect-Elect must have been a member in good standing with ICA for the past 3 years and not be a student member.

 Region Representatives serve a 3 year term and must reside in the region that they represent. Please refer to the ICA By-Laws and Policies for more information on Region Reps.  You would be expected to participate in the ICA Governing Council meetings 3 times per year.

Region positions that are open are: Regions II, III, V, and VI.   A map of the ICA Regions is shown below: