AWARD - Leo G. Bent
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Leo G. Bent

Outstanding Professional Counseling Program in Illinois


The Leo G. Bent Outstanding Professional Counseling Award was established by ICA in 1977 to honor an ICA co-founder who was responsible for developing quality professional counseling standards in Illinois. The award is presented to recognize an outstanding professional counseling program.



1. Evidence of commitment to professional counseling as shown by multiple staff members who are current and active members of ICA and ACA. (Submit the names of several staff members with membership in both.)

2. Written evidence of a commitment to quality professional counseling standards in an agency, school, or counselor education program.

3. Demonstrated history (at least three years) of exemplary professional counseling practices, including written evidence of outstanding and unique features of the professional counseling program.

4. Evidence of program emphases on ethical, culturally sensitive, and state-of-the art practices that meet the needs of current and potential clients/students.

5. Successful efforts in promoting the professional counseling program to clients/students, staff, and the general public.

6. Significant contributions toward raising the professional counseling standards of their program through personal professional development efforts, credentials (counseling licenses or certifications), and appropriate accreditation (CACREP).

7. Letter(s) of support as evidence of an outstanding professional counseling program from staff, administrators, clients/students, and/or others.



To place a person in nomination you must submit the following:

1.ICA Awards Nomination Form.  All completed award forms and supporting documentation should be sent to the ICA Awards Chairman.

2. Your letter of nomination addressing the points in the above criteria

3. As least two additional setters of support

4. Nominee information sheet

All nominations should be submitted to this year’s Awards Chairman by September 30, 2017.

The Nominee information sheet (see form below) will be submitted to the Awards Chair upon completion. Support documentation should be submitted electronically to the Awards Chair at the email below:

ICA Awards Chair:

Kimberly Hart, ICA President Elect-Elect 

PO Box 1104
DeKalb, IL 60115