Division Spotlight of the Month
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The mission of IALGBTIC is to enhance the quality of life in society for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people by promoting greater awareness and understanding of LGBT issues among members of the IL counseling profession and related helping occupations. IALGBTIC also promotes advancing the counseling profession and the practice of counseling to promote respect for human dignity, diversity, and social justice.



  • Provide a centralized location for mental health counselors, school counselors, counseling professionals, and other helping professionals in the State of Illinois to access resources, referrals, and consultation on issues related to LGBT populations.
  • Promote greater awareness and understanding of persons of various sexual and/or affectional identities not fully represented by the terms lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.
  • Identify conditions that create barriers to the human growth and development of LGBT clients and communities; advocate for the elimination of these conditions; and utilize counseling skills, programs, and efforts to preserve, protect, and promote the development of LGBT individuals and families in the State of Illinois.
  • Secure equality of treatment, advancement, qualification and status of LGBT members of the counseling profession and related helping occupations in the State of Illinois.

Social Media:

Website:    http://www.ialgbtic.org/


IALGBTIC Leadership:

Missy Lugo, President 2017-2019

Gideon Litherland, In-coming President 2019-2021

Elections for the 2019-2021 Board are in Progress


Featured 2019 Events:

  • Webinar: The Other One Percent: Skills for Working with Asexual Individuals
  • Webinar: Addressing Conscience Clause Legislation in Counseling
  • Webinar in June! LGBTQ Muslims Do Exist: Knowledge, Awareness, and Counseling Skills for work with and being an ally to LGBTQ Muslims



  • Quarterly Briefs to feature updates, news, and happenings in IALGBTIC, ALGBTIC, and ICA!
  •  IALGBTIC Listserv to connect with other affirming counselors
  •  Participation in annual Aurora Pride Parade


We would like to introduce IALGBTIC New logo!