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Helping Children & Adolescents Thrive!

Join ACACI & Have FUN!

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Association for Child and Adolescent Counseling in Illinois is to enhance the quality of life for children and adolescents by promoting the development of professional counselors in this area, advancing the counseling profession by promoting training specific to the needs of children and adolescents, and using the profession and practice of counseling to promote respect and understanding of child and adolescent mental health issues.

Vision Statement:

The vision of the Association for Child and Adolescent Counseling in Illinois is to provide opportunities for Child and Adolescent Counselors to learn about mental health, network with one another, and contribute through their work and volunteer efforts to the mental wellness of children and adolescents in Illinois.

Social Media:

Website   https://www.acacillinois.com/
Instagram:  acacithrive

ACACI Leadership:

Peggy Mayfield, President
Leslie Contos, President-Elect 2017-2019
Greta Nielsen, President-Elect 2019-2021
Karolina Hogueisson, President-Elect-Elect 2019-2021
Roseanne Oppmann, Past-President 2017-2019
Laura Doyle, Treasurer
Anna Themanson, Membership Chair
Karina Breezer, Graduate Student Affairs Chair
Christine Vinci, Secretary
Megan Sandos, ACACI Emerging Leader 2019
Sarah Silver, ACACI Emerging Leader 2019
Elizabeth House, ACACI Emerging Leader 2019
Ammarah Hussain, ACACI Emerging Leader 2019

Sandra Kakacek, Past-President Division Connection Mentor 2017-2019
Kris Wheatley, Past-President Division Connection Mentor 2019-2021

Featured 2019 Activities:

Helping Children & Adolescents Thrive: ACACI Inaugural Conference

March 1, 2019

Nineteenth Century Charitable Association

Oak Park, IL

114 + Registrants


Networking Breakfasts:

April 26, 2019

Law Offices of ACACI Member Gwendolyn J. Sterk

11508 West 183rd Place, Orland Park, IL

Contact ACACI Networking Chair Greta Nielsen to Schedule a Networking Breakfast in Your Area!  gretan@clinicalcareconsultants.com


Quarterly Newsletters—Submit an Article:

ACACI Welcomes Submissions for Our Quarterly Newsletters!

Articles can be between 2 paragraphs to 2 pages and should address the needs of children and adolescents.

Please submit articles along with a short bio, your credentials, and a picture to Newsletter Chair Leslie Contos:


Peggy Mayfield, President, Association for Child & Adolescent Counseling in Illinois
Email: mayfield.peggyc@gmail.com
Twitter: @Children_Thrive
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ACACinIllinois/