GC March 2018
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ICA March  2018 Governing Council Reports:   

                   Currently  Non Voting Chapters/Regions

  Second report for governance year 2017-2018



Minutes from the March 18, 2018 Executive Committee meeting


Minutes from the November 9, 2017 Governing Council meeting

Agenda for the March 24, 2018 Governing Council meeting



     President-Sandra Kakacek

     President Elect-Steve Murray

     President Elect Elect-Kimberly Hart

     Past President-Joyce Marter


     ICA Secretary- Elisa Woodruff (see minutes above)


          ICA Treasurer-Judy Fawell (report to be distributed   before meeting)    

     ICA Executive Director-Ronna Heinig

     Professional Development Chair-Tamika Bell

     Publications Committee Chair-Jessica Dyrek

     CICO-Dan Stasi     


     IAARC-Benton Johnson II

     IAADA-Crystal Neal

     ACACI-Peggy Mayfield

     IACFC-Hector Zavala

     IALGBTIC-Melissa Lugo

     IAMC-Tracy Theard

     IASGW-Timothy Schoonover

     ICCA-Ryan Liberati

     ICDA-Donna Sandberg

     ICES-Justin Lauka

     ICSJ-Andre Joachim

     IMHCA-Nadia Johnson

     ISCA-Vince Walsh-Rock

     ISERVIC-Scott Wickman


     Region I-vacant

    Region II- Rachel Schultz

     Region III-Mark Vander Ley

     Region IV-vacant

     Region V-Chaz Franke

     Region VI- vacant

     Region VII-Leslie Contos

CHAPTERS: Executive Committee Chapter Representative report


    Adler University Chapter-Ben Sanders

    Black Counselors Chapter-Jalaine Hart

    Blackhawk-Amy Zero

    Chicago Counseling Association-

     DOCSSSC- Cathy Bendicssen
     GSU-Dionnea Seals

     Lake County


     Lewis and Clark-Anne Rappaport

    NEIU-Galina Lipkin

     NIUCA-Brittany Torres

     NLUCA-Halley Jacobs

     Northwest Surburban-Allyson Adams

     Past Presidents-Kris Wheatley

     WCIPCA-Angie Barker

     WIU-QC-Alicia Means