ICA Graduate Student Committee
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The ICA Graduate Student Committee has been working hard to develop ways for students from different universities to get to know one another. Our goal is that students might be able to offer advice, ask questions, and engage in dialog with each other. Each week there will be different questions or thoughts posted on Facebook, Twitter, and the blog for students to respond to. Besides the social media aspect the committee plans on creating opportunities for students to get together throughout the year. Our first chance will be at the ICA conference in Springfield. We will have a table there with information and a place for students to meet. 
Below you find links to following pages that we hope students find helpful. Please spread the word!

Like the ICA graduate student facebook at https://www.facebook.com/IcaGraduateStudent  The ICA Graduate Student Facebook page is a place to connect with other graduate students in Illinois. Our goal is for students to get to know one another from different universities and to offer information to students that might be helpful for their academic and career pursuits and social networking. [Note: You must sign in your facebook account in order to see.]
Get connected to Peer Support for the Illinois Counselor Forum at http://counselor2counselor.org/forums/ The discussion forum is a useful tool for organizing information in a stable manner that can be accessed over time by topic. It can be a repository for job information, testing and licensing information, and program and class information. Any member can create a topic or reply to an existing topic, so it has the potential to evolve in any direction needed. As more students join, it can be a place to find peer to peer support for their grad school journey. If educators or licensed counselors are willing to join as online mentors, it can also be a source for students to come with questions.
Become engaged by first being informed. Check out what is going on with the Illinois Graduate Student Committee, a standing committee of Illinois Counseling Association.http://ilcounselinggradstudent.blogspot.com/

Follow us on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/CounGradStudent