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2020-2021 ISERVIC Board of Directors:

David Bauman

Ananya Rajan

Nolan Thomas

Tim Olsen


Mission and Vision Statements


The mission of ISERVIC as an organization consisting of professional counselors, counselor educators and graduate students, is to recognize the fundamental role that spirituality and religion may have in a person’s development and journey of healing.  We strive to be empowered and enabled through our freedom of expression, exploration, research and development of evolving spiritual, ethical and religious values as they relate to people, society and the profession of counseling and human development. 


The Vision of the ISERVIC Division is that as members we will grow and develop in such a way that we become ISERVIC individually and collectively as we actively explore our own attitudes, beliefs and values about spirituality and/or religion.  We will work to produce quality articles and provide viable information through our exploration and research into the evolving spiritual, ethical and religious values in counseling.


“ Peace among religions is a precondition for world peace.”
-- Swami Agnivesh