ICA Graduate Student Surveys
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  ICA Graduate Student Surveys


Date  Student School Topic  Link for more information
 08-20-19 LaToya Patterson  Adler  Social support among Black/African American mental health counselors in the workplace  https://www.ilcounseling.org/page/PattersonLaToya
 06-13-19 Rebecca Parry  Adler  Bullying Victims  https://www.ilcounseling.org/page/Rebecca_Parry
 05-16-19 Michael Montgomery  University of Northampton  Silence  https://www.ilcounseling.org/page/Montgomery
 2-18-20 Jenise Wilson  Walden University Counselor Education and Supervision Program The purpose of this study is to understand the perceptions of counselors’ preparedness to work with human trafficking survivors which will inform the research on how to better prepare counselors to work with human trafficking survivors If you are willing to be interviewed, please contact Jenise at: jenise.gress@waldenu.edu / 701-391-7399