Grad Student Volunteer FAQ's
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ICA Conference Volunteer FAQ's

* I am a presenter, do I have to pay for the conference?

No, if you are registered as a grad student volunteer, you do not have to pay to attend on Friday or Saturday.

* If I am presenting should I also register as a presenter?

No, once you register as a grad student volunteer, you need not register as a presenter. We will have presenter ribbons for you when you check in as a volunteer.

* Should I register as a volunteer on the day I am presenting?

Not necessarily. You don't want your presentation time to conflict with your scheduled volunteer service so it may even be better to schedule your service on the alternate day. As a volunteer, you may attend both Friday and Saturday sessions at the conference.

* I would like to go to one or more of the sessions on Thursday.  Can I do that?

No, sorry. To attend on Thursday, you would need to register and pay the fee for the workshops offered. The only exception would be if you are scheduled to work as a workshop monitor on Thursday.

* Are meals included on Friday and Saturday?

There will be coffee and tea available for everyone on Friday and Saturday. Lunch with the paying attendees is not included.  If a paying attendee donates their lunch ticket at the registration desk, we will draw names from the volunteer pool to attend the lunch in their place.

* Can I bring a lunch?

Yes, you may bring a snack and eat it in the volunteer room.  There are also restaurants available in the hotel and in the surrounding area.

* How will I know what to do?

We will be holding a short Webinar prior to the conference to go over what time to arrive, what to wear, and what you will be doing at the conference.  For those who cannot attend the webinar, a copy of the presentation will be emailed to each of you to view and read.