Visioning Statement
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ICA Visioning Statement

    The Illinois Counseling Association (ICA) serves as a provider for resources and services for its members throughout the state of Illinois.  Members are able to access timely information from ICA through all available means of communication.  ICA will foster the development of the highest level of professional research and publication. ICA will foster development and communication with interest groups, chapters, and divisions of ICA and the public for the advancement of professional counseling in Illinois.  ICA leaders are knowledgeable and collaborative with all members of  ICA and its governing structures. Opportunities for leadership and organizational growth are limitless.  All ICA members know the mission of ICA and   articulate this mission to local and state government bodies, schools, agencies, universities, and other populations that utilize the services of ICA members. ICA will utilize its resources to influence public policy to best serve the interests of members and the public.  ICA will be known statewide for professional workshops, resourceful conferences and develops its leaders from the members which it serves. ICA will continue to develop new avenues of resources for its members and reach out to all members for input into immediate and future needs for the organization, its constituents, and all who we serve.  

ICA Visioning Statement Task Force

 Kris  Sandra Wheatley, LCPC, NCC,Chairperson, LaCleta Hall, Harvey Kelber, LCPC, Dr. Dale Septeowski, Lynn Turovetz, LCPC,  Created:  July 13, 2013