ICA Webinar Submission Form
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The ICA Webinar Task Force will review all Webinar submissions for ICA sponsored webinars and make a recommendation on the topic submitted.

Division and Chapter webinar requests should be reviewed at the Division or Chapter level.

The Webinar Task force is responsible for coordinating the training of the users of the software.  All presenters and their support personal will need to be trained on the software prior to the webinar presentation.

All webinars submitted for the issuance of CEs must also complete the "Co-Sponsorship" application located on the ICA website under the Governing Council menu. If you are not requesting CEs, you will still need to complete the basic information on the Co-Sponsorship application. Just enter 0 CEs requested, and complete the basic information including a workshop description and contact information.

All webinar submissions must provide to the ICA office, the following:

1. Photo of the presenter

2. Brief bio of the presenter

3. A copy of the powerpoint and/or any handout that the attendee will need

4. At lease two polling questions that will be used during each hour of presentation to stimulate focus and engage the attendees.

5. The name of the person who will be assisting the presenter by fielding questions and assisting with technology.