Why Join a Professional Association
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If you're asking yourself why join your Professional Association, then read on!


As a Professional you need to keep informed as to what is happening in all areas of your chosen field.
Educationally, you need to keep current with all developments in the scope of your work.  Learning new models and methods  doesn't stop in college or graduate school.
Politically, you need to know what laws affect you and your profession.  You need to know what bills are being considered that have an impact on your work, and what you can do to influence legislation to promote your profession.
How does ICA help you?
ICA publishes a quarterly newsletter that keeps you up to date on all aspects of Counseling in Illinois and on the National front.
If you choose to belong to one of our 13 Divisions, you will also receive newsletters highlighting the important happenings in that specific area of Counseling.
ICA's web site:  www.ilcounseling.org keeps you current in this fast paced professional world with information at a click of your mouse.
ICA's blast email system sends you notices about items of interest quickly and efficiently, so you always know what's going on in the Counseling world.

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The whole is always greater than the sum of its' parts.

ICA is vigilant in our monitoring of legislation that can affect the Counseling Profession in Illinois and Nationally.  ICA is a recognized  voice in SpringfieldICA is Your Voice in Springfield!

The over 2800 Counseling Professionals that make up the Illinois Counseling Association can share in the pride that they are, through their membership, supporting a high level of professionalism and competency in Illinois Counseling. Together with you, the Illinois Counseling Association is dedicated to making lives better through community service, educational opportunities and political advocacy.
Being a part of ICA gives you a voice in shaping counseling in Illinois.  Join TODAY, and be heard!


Professional Associations offer their membership quality continuing educational opportunities.  Your membership not only provides you with significant discounts on the Conferences and Workshops offered, but more importantly, makes those Conferences and Workshops possible, so when you need continuing education, there are quality workshops for you to choose from.
ICA hosts an 3 day Annual conference providing as many as 80 different workshops on a variety of interesting topics.
ICA's 13 Divisions and Chapters host workshops throughout the year on topics from NCE and NCMHCE test preparation and Counselor Supervision, to workshops on a variety of speciality topics like College and Career Counseling, School Counseling, Counseling for the Elderly, and many more.


All Professional Associations offer their members a little something extra, only for them.
ICA offers members a Job Listing service that is accessible only to ICA members.
ICA Registries:
     Private Practice Registry
     Career Counseling Registry
     Speaker Registry
     School Counselor Supervisor Registry

All our registries are completely searchable for potential clients. 

Discounted Legal services only available to ICA Members.  

The "Book Nook" where members can showcase their publications and books are featured on a rotating basis on the ICA Home Page.




Professional Associations provide many opportunities for networking and interaction with your fellow professionals.  Whether it's through working together on a committee, attending meetings, workshops and conferences, or chatting on the web site forum, you can make many connections that can lead to increased knowledge or a better position.
ICA through its' Chapter and Division activities as well as the ICA annual conference gives Counselors the opportunity to network with up to 500 other Counseling professionals.
ICA  also offers the ICA Forum, our web based chat room, for you to use 24/7, which gives you the opportunity to network with over 2,800 of our members!